The project

Mas Rodó: The project

Mas Rodó is a family winery which began in 2005, went into production in 2008, and finally launched on the market in 2010. It’s a family project with a long-term plan, and with the aim of producing distinctive wines of quality within the D.O. Penedés. The terroir and our meticulous care of the vineyard and the wine are the hallmarks that allow us to shape wines with our personal style.
Mas Rodó is an idea that encompasses respect for the land, passion for wine, and the dreams of a family.

Our varieties

Mas Rodó: Higher Penedés

A commitment to our environment, the expression of the terroir, and careful production are the key elements of our project. Our wines are designed to reflect the unique character of Mediona, the interior mountain area of the Penedés region (Barcelona). We sit between mountains, at an elevation of 500 metres, in an ecologically and generally privileged environment, which guides our activities.
This terrain allows us to work with both local and international varieties, and we understand that vines don’t care about borders, but about climates and soils. Mas Rodó is special in terms of adaptive capacity, and many different varieties have given us optimal results in the expression of their full potential. This is a cooler and drier Mediterranean environment, which falls under a wider D.O. but is defined by these actual qualities. From the Montonega, or Parellada rosada, a recovered grape that grows only at altitude; to the Macabeo, traditional in the Penedés, but which only transmits its full potential when treated with care, respect and patience; and Riesling, a variety typical of central Europe and colder climates but scarce in Spain, as it does not adapt well unless offered a climate similar to that of its origins.
In terms of red wines, we pamper our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, two universal varieties that truly shine at Mas Rodó, presenting a unique combination of acidity and maturation and allowing our winery to compete with the best wine regions in the world.
Other varieties, such as Parellada, Tempranillo and Muscat also stand out and highlight our ability to get the best from each variety, which again comes down to the terroir, and we hope this trend continues with our most recent plantations of red and white Grenache. We create high quality wines with a distinctive and direct personality, which express all the character of the fruit and demand total rigor in the selection of the grapes. This is why we take exceptional care of all aspects of cultivation, harvesting, and the preparation of the must and the wine. Everything comes together to make our wines extraordinary.

Mountain terroir

Limited Production, High Quality

At Mas Rodó we set ourselves the goal of making high quality wines. We do it by cultivating our own vineyards using organic farming techniques. They take on the character of a distinct terrain, situated above 500m altitude. The wines of Mas Rodó are the fruit of total commitment. We tend our vineyards so that they give us their very best. Less production, more control. This is the only way to maximize the characteristics of each vineyard.
We match the vines, terroir and climate with technique and passion. We consider ourselves artesans of wine, and good craftsmanship is defined by the use of good materials, taking care of the details, and the proper application of knowledge and technique. All these elements work together to create wines of quality and personality. White, rosé and red wines recognized globally by the most reputable experts. With prizes that reinforce our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship, technology, and care. And with the endorsement of wine lovers the world over who appreciate the depth and nuance offered by each glass from the Mas Rodó winery.


We tend our vineyards so that they give us their very best

Our vineyards are managed for low yield. We don’t use irrigation, and cut back each plant as needed to allow it to ripen loosely. This is a conscious choice, to concentrate the essential characteristics of each variety and the contributions of the soil. The vines are subject to water stress, in poor and rocky soils, which increases root depth to get the best out of them. We aim to keep production per hectare below 4,500 kilograms, about half the average production of similar vineyards.

We are constantly pruning, defoliating, trimming, cleaning, combing and generally taking care of all our vineyards. We harvest manually, with a first selection of grapes that are stored in boxes of 15kg, which are taken straight into cold storage as they are picked. We take care of the grapes at all times to ensure that at the moment of processing they will be in optimal condition and at the right temperature.

This is how we obtain healthy and well-matured grapes that give us clean and honest wines, defined by the climatology of the area, the altitude, orientation, and soil types. Wines that embody our careful craftmanship and the character of our mountain terroir.



Winemaking at Mas Rodó is meticulous rather than especially complicated or technical. We start with a strict selection table, so that we only get the best possible fruit.
Afterwards, for both whites and rosés we work exclusively with free run juice, that is, must that has not been pressed, but due to the weight of the load has slowly flowed out without having been forced. This gives us very clean, frank, essential must bases.
Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks with temperature control, at low temperatures to prolong the process, also achieving good maceration.
Reds are also bled by gravity, that is, we again avoid using presses, with the intention of obtaining similarly clean and essential bases as with the whites and rosés.
All our wines that spend time in wood will do so in French oak barrels of 225l, lightly toasted and a maximum of 3 years of age. Our intention is to micro-oxygenate our wines, refine them and round them in the best quality barrels with the lowest contribution of toasting possible. We aim to preserve as much as possible the quality and the original flavour of the fruit that we harvest.

Mas Rodó

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