Mas Rodó

The architecture

The buildings are an extension on the original MAS RODÓ building, a Casa Pairal, or Manor house, dating back to the 13th century. The newer structures have been built upon the existing remains, including a warehouse supported on the old masonry footings, designed to integrate with the context while adapting it to the new use. The facade of wood and steel seeks complicity with the natural and historical environment, while avoiding mimicry, and aims to integrate with the más through contemporary construction and techniques. The interior, however, reflects a much more extravagant image. The green colour of the vines is the perfect base upon which to present a consolidated image. It is a luminescent, identifying colour, filtered through two points: the window, and the porch; and it illustrates the relationship of the vineyard and the wine, which is to say, the exterior – the field – and the interior – the cellar. The warehouse regenerates old spaces but also creates new ones, and puts the latest technology in the service of wine production. The MAS RODÓ winery was a finalist in the Second Edition of the “Living with Wood” awards granted by the Spanish Council for the Promotion of Wood and Arquin-Fad , with sponsorship from the Spanish Ministry of Science.

Mas Rodó

Outdoor and indoor spaces


Vineyards and forest area

30 hectares of vineyards, with unique varieties, surrounded by forests, in an environment of privileged nature that covers the 150 hectares of the MAS RODÓ estate, and invites you for a walk.
Ideal to learn more about viticulture, enjoy its surroundings, and translate it into images to share.
It is our area of exhibition of the origins of wine, which helps to understand the secrets of our quality and the subsequent enjoyment of tasting in our own cellar or with your friends at your home, sharing with them the purchased bottles.


Panoramic Terrace

At the highest point of our winery, lies our panoramic terrace, from which you can observe the 150 hectares of the property, with its vineyards and forests, and the exhibition of the different varieties of vineyards of the Penedés that we have planted there. It can be a preliminary step, before approaching our exhibition spaces, tasting and sale of wines.



The entrance porch to vintage where you can experience the vibrating sensations that unite the contact of the vines, with the final destination of the fruits, made in the cellar.



MAS RODÓ Boutique Winery, built on a “châteaux” of the XIII Century, which transports us to the essences of wine and its methods of production. Winery recognized by the FAD Architecture Awards.

There is no better preamble to our exhibition and tasting spaces.


Wine sensory

Ephemeral architecture, developed by an international team of architecture students under the direction of Sala Ferusic Architects (MAS RODÓ winery).

Its objective is to prepare all your senses, smell, taste, sight … to perceive the organoleptic characteristics of the wines with more intensity.



Multifunctional space with views of the vineyards, which is the point of sale of the MAS RODÓ winery, includes wine exhibition and tasting areas, and also focuses on the activities related to the promotion of the MAS RODÓ wines, and its commercial disclosure.
170 m2 + 70 m2 of Terrace, destined for this purpose.



Unique and exclusive space, with exhibition area and tasting of the Old and Special vintages of the MAS RODÓ wines. Focused on wine lovers to obtain the most exclusive experiences, and also to carry out activities related to the commercial disclosure of the knowledge of MAS RODÓ wines, and their sale.
50 m2 intended for this purpose.



Exclusive area with privileged views over the vineyards, for tasting the MAS RODÓ wines, with an attached area for exhibition and sale. 35 m2 intended for this purpose.


Vineyard viewer

Wooden terrace over the vineyards, as an extension of the old chateaux de MAS RODÓ from the 13th century. A magical place to disconnect and drink a glass of wine, contemplating the vineyards closest to the winery, and the extensions of forests and mountains.
It can be a preliminary step, before approaching our exhibition spaces, tasting and sale of wines.

MAS RODÓ aims to spread the word about the world of wine, the DO Penedés and, more specifically, the knowledge of our monovarietal wines, and also to promote and sell them.

We open our spaces, in addition to our own activities, to collaborate with you in your initiatives that help us reach the objective.

Contact us if it is of your interest : // +34 932 385 780 // +34 649877486

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