Our wines

We always aim for full expression.

Demand and commitment are concepts that define our work, and fundamental reasons for our commitment to the production of D.O. Penedés single varietal wines. We are pioneers in winemaking with the Montonega grape, a native variant of the Parellada, more intense and expressive, with a reddish skin and which only grows in certain terroirs. We believe in Riesling , which at Mas Rodó has evolved with a unique Mediterranean character. We treat the Macabeo grape with rigour and respect, allowing us to produce an extraordinary white wine with a very special personality. Our Cabernet Sauvignon truly shines and stands out as a paradigm of balance and maturation. And with our Merlot we have a fresh and lively wine which brings a new perspective to one of the most cultivated varieties in the world.
In addition to the Monovarietals we have developed the Incògnit line. Blendings made to reach the maximum consumers and occasions, with the quality and demand of Mas Rodó.

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