Mas Rodó triumphs to Monovino 2019

The wines of Mas Rodó have obtained exceptional scores in the VI edition of the Monovino awards. These awards recognize the best monovarietal wines produced in Spain. In particular, Mas Rodó Riesling 2018 wore a gold medal, just like Mas Rodó Cabernet Sauvignon 2013.

Mas Rodó Riesling 2018 collects all the features that have made this white varietal one of the most prized of the planet. The Mediona microclimate, with frequent snowfall in winter, configures the ideal conditions for Mas Rodó to produce a true Mediterranean Riesling.

Mas Rodó Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 shows that in our terroir del Penedès you can develop this varietal in all its expression. Mas Rodó Cabernet Sauvignon disassembles topics, and this is what Monovino has acknowledged with the award this year.

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