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We all know the difficulties involved in the production of single-variety wines and complexity that consists in maintaining their quality year after year. But meeting this challenge lets us enjoy the authenticity of flavours and aromas of the grapes vinified with these criteria. MAS RODÓ, located in the Alt Penedès in Spain at 500m above sea level, only produces wines from the grapes of their own crops located on ventilated hillsides. Our estate offers three types of soil: stony, sandy limestone, and clay. With these characteristics and water stress, we make the vines get the maximum mineralization from the root, the soil and its living micro organisms, because, by concept, we don’t use any kind of herbicides.
The pruning work and production controls allow us to limit the yield to between 2,500 and 4,500 kg / ha depending on the variety and the age of the vines. All these enable us to produce single-variety wines with typical characteristics of the climate of the area, its altitude and terrain types. That is, produce wines with distinctive nature of the “Terroir”. This year we have produced three wines under our standards and commitment to quality.



MAS RODÓ Montonega - "A unique wine in the world”


This white, autochthonous and recovered grape variety which MAS RODÓ is the single producer has been classified by the Catalonian guide as extraordinary and rare wine.

Montonega is a white and indigenous variety, native from Alt Penedés. Montonega has been scarcely planted over the years. The characteristics of this grape are: low production, width of the skin, small fruit size and its nice acidity, offering a very distinctive, fresh and mineral aroma.




MAS RODÓ Riesling is different from any other Riesling in the world. The German Riesling is planted on different types of soil and subjected to extreme temperatures that culminates with frost roots.

MAS RODÓ winery is one of the few in Spain that due to weather conditions, characteristics of its soils and location at 500 meters altitude can offer a different Riesling adapted to the Mediterranean climate and taste.


From the oldest vines, located at the highest point in MAS RODÓ, on a mountain slope with a southern orientation, MAS RODÓ reaches a high grade and quality Macabeo with a very well-balanced acidity by producing a very strict  selective harvest. Fermentation is made in new French oak barrels, and aged for a total of 3 months with regular battonage with its lees. The result is a spectacular white wine, long, round, fruity, dense with smoky traces that keep clearly indicative marks of its Terroir offering a wine full of nuances from a very limited production.



MAS RODÓ Merlot - “Gold medal in varietal Awards MONOVINO"


Combination of calcareous soils, the daytime and night-time difference temperatures at 500 metres altitude, low and controlled production and realizing harvest at the right time, allows to reach an optimum balance between acidity and ripeness.  Those aspects enables the development of a rigorous Merlot, balanced and with a vigorous acidity, fresh in the mouth, where the 12 months aging process in French oak barrels merge perfectly with its fruits. This wine will be concluded after at least 24 months in bottle.



MAS RODÓ Cabernet Sauvignon - "Gold Medal in Penedès"

French origin variety, very well adapted in MAS RODÓ due to its 500 m altitude, continental climate and Terroir characteristics. By controlling a limited production of the vines, MAS RODÓ get as a result a distinctive  wine in its characteristics, transforming it in to a product of its own. The 12 months aging process in French oak barrels and 36 months in bottle, perfectly balance its acidity, taste and aroma, offering an honest, authentic and very personal wine.



MAS RODÓ Reserva de la Propietat - "MAS RODÓ in a bottle"

Each year MAS RODÓ will select the best barrels of its Cabernet Sauvignon and aged for 1 more year, reaching 2 years on French oak barrels and then extending this process with 4 more years aging in bottle. The result will be an intense, deep and complex wine, that will surprise by its life and freshness.

It has a great potential to be aged.

First vintage production reached just 500 bottles.