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MAS RODÓ Montonega





MAS RODÓ Montonega  


Our wine Montonega has been produced from the indigenous variety Montonega from Penedes, Parellada phenotype. This is a variety of very low production and for that reason it has been scarcely planted in the area. The properties of its small grapes endow a specific structure, which coupled with the elevation of the vineyard and its soil, boosts flavour and aromatic expression of the wine and provides a nice level of acidity allowing to maintain the quality of young wines for several years. Its personality and differentiation, together with its exclusivity due to the shortage of these vines, even in their place of origin, Penedes, allow us to ensure that our high quality wine is "unique of its kind," and is of very limited production.



Thecnical sheet



Wine cellar: Mas Rodó


DO: Penedès  


Type of wine: Young White 


Varietals: Montonega 


Performance Ha.: 4.000 Kg 


Climate: Mediterranee-Continental 500 mts. altitude 


Soil: sandy calcareous  


Harvest: Beggining of October


Fermentation: Controlled between 13º and 14,5º  


Cork: 44x24


Bottle: Bordeaux 75cl Prestige black and 99,3% filtration 


Capsule: Complex white 60x31   


Box: Cardboard de 6 Bottles


Grape origin: Owned old vineyards




Brilliant and sharp appearance, pale yellow with green hue. Fresh aroma, intense and

resh with white fruit touch. Vivid in mouth, fresh, balanced and fragrant with smouth

and delicate retronasal.




All kinds of seafood and fresh fish, sushi, sashimi and rice, foie-gras, soup, creme and smoked, also

ideal for cocktail, appetizer and tapas.


Service Temperature: 12ºC