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MAS RODÓ Merlot    

The combination of our rocky soil, day to night temperature change at the elevation of 500 metres above the sea level, low and controlled production at optimum harvest maturity has allowed us to develop a rigorous Merlot, very traditional, balanced, with marked acidity, fresh and Mediterranean on the palate, where 9 months of aging in French oak aligns well with the fruit. Despite the acknowledged difficulty of obtaining a quality single-variety Merlot, our wine has been rated as 'impressive'.


Technical Sheet


Wine cellar: Mas Rodó


DO: Penedès 


Type of wine: red with aging   


Varietals: Merlot   


Performance Ha.: 5.000 Kg.


Climate: Mediterranee-Continental 


Soil: sandy calcareous  


Harvest: Begining of October  


Fermentation: Inox Deposit aging 9 month in french oak barrell


Cork: Cork 49x24


Bottle: Bordeaux 75cl Prestige black and 99,3% filtration


Capsule: Complex black 60x31   


Box: Cardboard of 6 Bottles


Grape origin: Low and controlled production wineyards




Vivacious cherry from high layer. Structured and complex aroma, red fruit, liquorice and understorey touch.

Friendly mouth with maturefruit  tanin good oak cohesivity, large and integrated acidity




Red and white meat, all kind of pasta, and cooked vegetables



Service Temperature: 16 to 18ºC